Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Second time lucky!,

Whilst on the search for new placement opportunity's I came across "Birds Yard",
A hidden little gem in the heart of Leeds.

With its three award winning floors filled with Independent creatives and designers of housing clothing boutiques, including Vintage, handmade, reworked vintage, high-en designers and even latex...
Birds Yard is the largest concentration of independent Jewellery designers in the UK, homewares, trained milliners, hair and beauty salon, art work and photography.

The shop itself previously won;
Best Newcomer of 2010 Leeds Retail Awards 
Best Vintage of 2011 Leeds Retail Awards 
Best Jewellery of 2011 Leeds Retail Awards 
And best UK Shop Alt UK Awards of 2012
Cool Place UK

Immediately I was intrigued and knew of the place through a friend who is currently running the Leeds store and had to get in touch!

Her images and posts caught my eye from an earlier date of interest and with a passion for vintage I had to visit the place for my own eyes...

Poppy got in touch with me the day after "Mad.." offering me a temp placement working in Birdshell alongside her to gain retail, promotion and styling experience. I was over the moon at the opportunity to work within such a successful local business. 

I've currently worked at Birdshell of Birds Yard for nearly 2 months now and I've learnt so much due to seeing how the vintage/independents industry works. As I am keen to open my own boutique and earlier yet supply my own brand accessories within the store, I can know relate on how things are run and for my own knowledge of how to run a good working business. 

The ladies who work within Birds Yard are all supportive of one and other and its just a pleasure to work with such motivated young designers like myself.

If your in the area of Leeds doing a spot of shopping I urge you to visit Birds Yard as I can 100% guarantee you will find a unique gift you've been longing to treat!

Ground Floor; 
The Marvelous Tearoom with Angie!
Supplying endless hot drinks, lunch and tasty treats.

Independents on show in the tearoom, mainly crafts, kids wear and
 gifts to lust over your hot cuppa's.

The 1st floor featuring;
Life's Big Canvas- Jewellery and gift shop ran by the lovely Pesky Chloe.
Aurora Vintage and Dora's Gift Box.

Leading up to the second floor;
with Blonde Fury hair and make up salon,
and Birdshell.

Birdshell is the department that I've been interning for the most within Birds yard,
supplying one off pieces and accessories and Vintage couture dresses.
To buy or hire.

So that's the tour ladies and gents,
more posts will be written soon to fill you in with my recent roles at Birdshell,
check us out on FACEBOOK or head over to our site...


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