Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tour of Mad Elizabeth;

So after our chat with the girls, Heather and Claire and the roles I'd be undergoing whilst helping out at *Mad'... I decided to dig in and start doing major promo for the lovelies!

I took some time to relate to each section of the shop and focused on what needed promoting eg.
 Winter wear so all the coats and jackets/ knits to relate to the season of A/W...

I also took the chance to create an Instagram for the ladies, as Instagram is the most recent app illustrating high numbers of users and fast research into someone's life/interests. 
I thought by doing this I can promote the business by using a further social network which they currently don't have access too.

So here's a few images of the shop 
and Instagram- user name madelizabeth_vintage_leeds ...

 Follow us and enjoy boys and girls,

Unisex clothing and accessories are at hand-
we are open 11-6 Monday -Saturday
come and check us out this Christmas for a little festive treat.

Oh and make sure you check us lovelies!,

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