Monday, 21 January 2013

Metallic Mayhem.

I'm currently laid in bed staring at the ceiling and thinking and over thinking!
A lot is on my mind lately, and feeling slightly stressful with personal problems and work relations...

I've been shopping loads to take my mind elsewhere, as every girl likes a good spree to keep her on her toes! And indulged in the rare occasional night outs I've had this previous week.

Ill be uploading recent hauls at some point too so keep your eyes peeled ladies... :)

But for now here's a little snippet of what I wore to my works "Golden frog awards" night last night...
I saw some fresh faces (literally) and the old which made me let loose again...

I had a such great night followed by a long walk home in the snow at 3am in stolen lost property clothes (which I won't preach about...) ft. size 20 pj' bottoms with a hint of high waist definition and size 4 pumps (which lets add were two sizes too small) was the tip of the 2 hour climb home... just what I needed lately with my boys and girls, events that I'm still laughing about now! :')

I decided to opt for a classy look of metallic clashes of silver in a revealing number teamed with glitter silver socks to enhance the tone I was going for.

The dress was a BARGAIN price of £8.00 from Dorothy Perkins and the socks were a little price of £3.15 (with student discount) at TOPSHOP.
Accessories were also purchased from the two high street stores, collaborating with a  cream and black colour block blazer in the sale at Primark for £10.00 's!

Anyway, hope you've all had a great week in the snow?
with Snow drama's like mine ;)
....get it?.. 

And hopefully I can get some creative flow kicking in tomorrow!

Night beauties,


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you lover ;) Can we meet for a Costa soon?? <3

    2. What time do you finish on Sundays sweetpea?! Xxxxxx

    3. I don't have work on a Sunday so do you fancy meeting next Sunday afternoon?! Xx

  2. Beautiful photos , hope you feel better soon beautiful! Xx

    1. Thank you lovely :)! Im feeling heaps better now! Keep peeled for my new posts! <3 xxxxxx

  3. Looking awesome as always Lou :)


  4. Your make up is incredible, you look gorgeous



    1. Thank you sweetness!

      Totally following you blog right now, love it!