Monday, 7 January 2013

NY moments.

Since the early months of this academic term, all I seem to have done is work my tushie off with events, photo shoots and promotions, I decided to take a break from my uni work and get my party feet well and truly on!

Here's a few images of the new year highlights of what I've been getting up to...

Before work, I wanted a classy look this NYE and opt'ed for a pin up do teamed with low-cut embellished midi dress and goth makeup.

The theme of the night was- Narnia,
so here are a few snaps on the night of the event...

 and here she is, haa! Are very own Snow Queen, Sasha Crompton.

Although most staff at the work place was on rota, I reckon we had an okay NYE shift...
Myself and Kayleigh trying to keep positive about things...
Hope you all had a cracking NYE whatever you got upto in the early hours of '13...

And then there's the annual night out with the best friend,
us before Faxvegas...

Keeping it back to black we both went for elongated lengths and chiffon's,
with a hint of cleavage.

Hope everyone had a fun-filled work break!
I know I have ;)



  1. Wow, you're gorgeous , great photos xx

    1. I love your Blog! I've followed you gurl!

  2. Great makeup. Hope you had a lovely time:)