Monday, 7 January 2013

Three cheers for teamwork!

This weekend I finaaaalllllyyyyy recieved an Email from ENB Photography containing the final images of the last photo shoot collaboration with stock from both Birdshell and Bozena Carter and hair and beauty by,Rina Deb Make Up Artist and Rebel Pinup Hairdressing - Representing some STUNNING work guys! I was so so impressed, I'm still smiling ha! ♥ 

I can't upload any final imagery as of yet but keep your eyes peeled as I'll be uploading a few favourite shot's in the up and coming featured blog.

Everyone show these guys some lurrrrvin' by searching each brand/artist in the search box on facebook for more updates and info... 

Also after last night's rare dose of Peri Peri chicken...
...with the annual Nando's photo, of course...

I popped to the shop and discovered this.
The Superblogger issue of this months Company magazine, now I've seen this on the shelves for a while but last night I gave into temptation and ditched the monthly Elles and Vogues and opted for this read.

I'd 101% recommend this issue to all fresh/current fashion bloggers as it's basically a bible to all fashion lovers wanting to make something from daily bloggin' to top job opportunity's. 
A whole issue suggesting new and upcoming bloggers and hot tips to making it, so called -BIG', in the industry.

 ...A topic I'm deeply interested in as I want to find a next placement collaborating my passion for blogging or better yet working for a local fashion magazine.

It just shows with a little help of a well thought-out issue we can all relate to what we want and how we could go about it, watch out 2013!

Do you have any job goals within the new year?


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