Monday, 14 January 2013

Crowning around with Emily Elizabeth.

Social sites are great for networking and getting your own businesses set up. Facebook is a prime example of simply getting noticed via LIKE pages. Its easy and free to create. If you Searched for a particular brand/artist/object/designer ETC. I can guarantee they will own a page to like. It's a little crazy but

I was asked to like a page called "Emily Elizabeth's"
Immediately I was drawn int such cuteness and raw edge these foam floral beauties own!

The pastel tones and the hand crafted ensembles are just too adorable to girl up simply ANY outfit combination.
 Although winter is upon us I recon a one off piece by Emily would create the illusion of Summer all over again!
Combine such elegance with floral structures instead of harsh spikes and over used stud's.

 All priced at £15 (with additional postage charges)
Images takenby the talented,
Bringing you affordable price tags for a fresher inspired look.

You can simply find her page by clicking http://www.facebook.com/EmilyElisabeths

If you are interested in a hairband or a crown why not yet in contact and have it make just the way you wanted :).
- Emily Elizabeth.

I really admire beautiful hand made creations compared to high street knock off's of cheap metal that snap and gold that makes your skin green... Seriously, what is that about?... I can't tell you the amount of "Topshop" Freedom and limited edition, jewelry and hair pieces I always spend with my last few bob and they just collapse after a night out?! ANNOYINGGGGGG!

Whilst working at Birds Yard, I openly admit I prefer the independent designs and can appreciate the quality and originality young designers are producing nowadays.

I've always been a fan of over accessorizing and adding different accessories to make a particular look a little more interesting by collaborating something as little as a broach to a printed vintage scarf. To extreme measures of large bows and OTT head pieces. In the Summer I loved to experimenting with large flowers, my own DIY head chains for my hair and spiked collars.

Handmade headchain's by me. 
-ClutterUpTheBedroom, a summer business I did in 12'.

I think most of my inspiration to wear items as such, came from the imagery 
and style research from my old Tumblr account,

and online shop, Ivory Jar.

It's a little pricey, but I recon the quality would be amazing if you'd wear the piece on more than the odd occasion. - Goth up a boring outfit and be the different!

Which is YOUR most desired accessory to wear?
Why not try make your own statement piece!?


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