Thursday, 10 January 2013

Zero money, Shopping? YES!

I think like myself, all you ladies only contain the last few pennies from spending too much in the Boxing/January sales, just me?... 
Oops :/...

Anyway I haaate getting paid and spending my monies on pointless nights out, travel and junk food?! So I always aim to buy myself something fresh for work even if its a new accessory or a new tee I like mix and match my old purchases with the new.

With 15 English pounds scraped together in my purse me and my good friend resorted to -Charity shop, shopping', my all time FAVOURITE kind of shopping! Not only are you donating to a popular charity cause but you are buying one off pieces that your best friends won't have hung in their wardrobes! Be the DIFFERENT and quirky in your friendship group... 

I managed to bag myself a whole new outfit for just £13.00 pounds!
Here's some of my haul pieces that I managed to spot and buy...

A vintage belt- Black Leather with gold detail, Medium chunk! Costing only £2.50
-Fab for a elongating lengths, as a petite young lady I am always buying different belts to highlight high waist definition.

Also Black Floor-Length Pleated Skirt, from BHS costing £3.50,
A black number all girls need to add class to casual and night wear, an item I was searching to buy this time last week in my local River Island store.
(all purchased from Cancer Research)

I also found this beaded low cut tee for only £3.50, again... Which I thought I could team with the belt in hand as a dress or wear with a pair of my disco leggings...

The top itself is a little revealing but I reckon a hint of cleavage in a vintage number can ever appear to be  under-dressed, so this is okay girls but not too much flesh as that would ruin the achieved look.
(also purchased from my local Cancer Research shop)

Quilted cropped velvet jacket, with gold button detail.
FANTASTIC TOP LAYER to smarten any outfit combination.
I bought this particular item to wear for work purposes, in the shops and my night job.

Velvet is highly popular in the High Street at the moment and increasingly showing in current trends...
This purchase came to an affordable price of... drum roll please... ONLY THREE POUNDS! 
Amazed by its quality and comfortable fit I had to buy! 

A PRIME EXAMPLE of WHY girls should urge them selves to vintage or second hand shops.
Cheaper price tags and 101% one off originality.

I cannot wait to pay around in variety of combinations for my night out tomorrow night!
I think I will opt. for a casual dress and my pony hair platforms 

Have you ever had a successful Charity Spree?



  1. I loveeee this post and your blog... Currently having a little stalk!!

    Love from a little gothy <3xx

    1. Thank you little gothy ;) I love yours!!!!

      follow me biaatch!

      Need to keep each other informed in our job successes! <3

      Loveeee ya long tymmmm XxxxxxX